Your Peace of Mind

ASTL, Inc. employs a strict and exacting set of qualifications for any carrier who wishes to serve ASTL clients. Below are some of the checks we make for our customers:

  • Insurance
    Carriers must maintain the minimum insurance requirements for hazardous shipments and General Commodity (F.A.K.) shipments required. Most ASTL transporters are insured often times above the minimum limits required. Carriers must name ASTL as additional insured for each shipment. ASTL also carries its own Errors and Omissions policy as well as General Liability and Pollution Liability. This is coverage most Brokers never carry, but it’s important to ASTL to make sure our customers are protected.
  • Permits and Authorities
    All permits and authorities are checked to make sure our customers’ cargo can be transported legally from origin to destination without delay. This includes state permits for hazardous waste transportation.
  • Emergency Response
    ASTL shall review and requires its emergency response carriers to review and maintain all records involving emergency response transporter subcontractors, including their state license, safety and performance record.
  • Safety, Compliance and Training
    Carrier safety records and compliance records are reviewed to insure the safety of your shipments. Reporting agencies include DOT, EPA and Safestat. Incident reports are reviewed and drivers certification of 40 hour haz training or their in house equivalent. Carriers must have ongoing training policy and substance abuse policy in effect. In addition, carrier personnel shall be properly trained with respect to proper care of the client’s consignments, ensuring that loads are properly secured, tarped, etc., and that the proper equipment is employed.
  • 24-7 Service
    ASTL offers full time 24-7 service to each of its customers.
  • Experience
    The ASTL staff offers you vast experience in the transportation of hazardous materials and hazardous waste commodities. Our knowledge in requirements for safely transporting your cargo is second to none.

When you do good work, people notice. This is the foundation upon which ASTL has built its quality reputation, and we require no less from our transporters. ASTL transporters have received the highest awards the industry offers. Awards honoring outstanding safety, compliance and performance presented by entities such as DOT, FMCSA, state agencies and industrial groups.