The ASTL Concept

gary_steinThe ASTL concept was originally conceived by Mr. Gary Stein in 1995 after over two decades of successful ownership and operation of a worldwide precious metal refining company. Mr. Stein, having himself been a generator of hazardous waste, and also a shipper of hazardous material knew all the intricacies involving safety, security, manifesting, training, qualification, and certificatioins. Realizing there was a need for a full service transportation and logistics operation specializing in hazardous waste and hazardous material, ASTL was born.

Safety, Service, and Savings are the benchmarks that drive ASTL. We offer 24-7 transportation service. All ASTL transporters are audited with special attention given to safety reports, training logs, incident reports, and verifying transporter insurance.

We would like to invite you to experience the service ASTL provides; a service that has proven successful for many petroleum refiners, waste management firms, chemical manufacturers, catalyst disposal firms, and regenerators.