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about1ASTL offers highly personalized logistical services to its clients. Many of ASTL’s clients are Fortune 500 Companies. These large, successful, and efficient companies obviously have permanent staffing to handle their transportation and logistical requirements. They must, and do, move their shipments of raw materials, products, and waste as necessary. These professional transportation staffers are aware that it is easy to move a load of paper products down the road. However, they are also aware that the stakes are a lot higher for the movement of hazardous materials and waste. If details such as the following are not effectively dealt with, the consequences may become dire:

  1. Is the carrier licensed to carry the type of material to be shipped? Somebody must insure that the carrier possesses not only the usual USEPA, USDOT and ICC authorities, but also the parallel authorities for each of the states through which the shipment will traverse.
  2. Is the carrier familiar with and accustomed to handling the type of materials to be shipped? To avoid accidents while loading and unloading your shipment, there is no meaningful substitute for experience. This is particularly true for bulk shipments, and high value, precious metal catalyst shipments.
  3. Is the carrier comfortable with Bills of Lading, the Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest and Land Disposal Restriction Documents? Does the carrier know which applies to your shipment? Does the carrier act as a check for or a rubber stamp to your choice of container, shipping name, labeling and placarding?
  4. Do you have anybody who is intimately familiar with all of the specialized transportation equipment available to you? This knowledge can save you money, for example, by simply asking a few questions, ASTL is often times successful in switching a load from a vacuum tanker to a bulk tanker. This provides the client with an additional 20+% of load capacity, and may also result in a reduced line haul rate.
  5. What do your current carriers’ on time logs look like? Missing an off-loading slot at a TSDF often results in several days of carrier detention, before a new slot can be secured. If the carrier is at fault, the carrier should bear that loss. Is anybody asking those questions for you?

ASTL Provides a Solution to All of These Problems!

ASTL has developed a continuing working relationship with a number of interstate Haz Mat carriers. National and regional contracts are in place with many of them. By being fully familiar with the resources these carriers have to offer, ASTL is in a position to provide solutions to the most difficult logistical problems.

ASTL has the systems, carriers and contracts in place to serve as your traffic manager, and offer service regionally, nationally.

ASTL specializes in providing logistical services for the movement of hazardous waste and hazardous materials. Round robin catalyst regeneration transportation and other precious cargo transportation services are available.

ASTL is also comfortable arranging transportation for over dimensional shipments and fragile, such as high tech equipment.

ASTL carries a substantial policy of insurance against its errors and omissions, along with general liability and pollution liability. For the shipper, this insurance is in addition to the required MCS-90 coverage each ASTL carrier maintains.

At some point you have to ask yourself, if the most sophisticated corporate shippers out there are taking advantage of the services offered by ASTL, why are we not doing the same? Some of the biggest names in industry trust ASTL every day. Shouldn’t you?