Available Equipment

ASTL has directed its efforts to locating responsible carriers who are capable of providing the entire spectrum of hazmat related transportation equipment. Should you require a piece of equipment which is not listed below, simply give us a call and ASTL will likely be able to find it for you.

  • Flatbed Services
    Flat deck and step deck trailers of just about any length are also available for the movement of containerized materials, flow bins, super sacks, turbines and unusual cargos.
  • Dry Van Services
    Dry Vans up to the legal length limit, as well as doubles are available to ASTL clients.
  • Vacuum Vessels
    ASME Code vacuum trucks and semi-trailers for movement of liquid waste streams. These units have the capability of loading materials and waste which may have high levels of solids content. AGITATED units which prevent the settling of solids during transportation. Both mild steel and stainless steel vessels ranging from 30 – 130 bbl capacity.
  • Bulk Tankers
    Bulk tankers for movement of larger quantities of liquids are available.
  • Rolloff Services
    The roll off fleets available to ASTL clients consist of three axle, single box units, and double box semi-trailers. Containers are available in many sizes some with open/closed top boxes and gasket boxes.
  • Rolloff Box Rentals
    Roll off boxes are available for the simple movement of your materials and also for purposes of short or long term storage.
  • End Dump Services
    ASTL carriers have end dumps available for just about any quantity of bulk solids or soils you may need to move. More specialized equipment such as bottom dump semi-trailers will be sought out upon request.